Alienation of Affection

Alienation of Affection

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Alienation of affection is a legal action based on the willful and malicious interference with a marriage by a third party.  It typically occurs when two individuals are married and a third party does something to interfere with that marriage.  The "injured" spouse can then bring an action against the third party for alienation of affection.

The attorneys at Langston & Langston, PLLC are ready to protect your needs and interests.  If your spouse has left your marriage for another person, we can help and have a track record of success proving the following:

  • Love existed in the marriage between the spouses to some degree.
  • The marital love was alienated and destroyed.
  • The third party's malicious conduct contributed to or caused the loss of affection.

It is often not necessary to show that the third party set out to destroy the marriage, but only that he or she intentionally engaged in acts that would likely have an impact on the marriage.

Alienation of affection cases in Jackson, Mississippi

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